Oak Class

If you are absent today, please find an outline of today's learning.

Friday 18th March 2022

Good morning! Please find attached the lessons for today.


LI: To know how to find fractions of amounts.

Please watch the video link below and then complete the learning tasks attached.


Fractions of amounts Y4



LI: To know how to edit my writing by applying a range of punctuation.

Read your first draft of your story again to an adult. Do your sentences make sense? Have you used exciting vocabulary? Have you used a range of punctuation throughout your writing including speech? 

Edit your writing carefully and add these extra details to make it the best it can be. Write it out neatly with your editing included. Now illustrate your story.

As this is a big piece of work, I am only uploading Maths and English today.

Get well soon! :)


Thursday 17th March 2022

Good afternoon. Please find attached the Maths and English lessons we did today.


LI: To know how to find fractions of amounts.

Complete the first page ONLY of the strips attached as the next one is a year 5 objective. Use the bar model tp help you to calculate the amounts. I have attached the video link for you.

Finding fractions of amounts video link - https://vimeo.com/420682496

Maths learning strip Y4 Page one 


LI: To know how to write a fractured fairy tale of pur own.

On Tuesday, you planned your own fractured fairy tale based on a fairy tale of your choice. Today is the time to write your whole story. This is a first draft and so will need to be improved tomorrow by checking spellings, using a thesaurus to choose exciting vocabulary and including a range of punctuation. 

I can't wait to read your stories!

See you soon!


Friday 11th February 2022

Good morning! Please find the learning below for today.


LI: To know how to further develop knowledge of equivalent fractions

Please watch the video below and complete the tasks.


Equivalent fractions



LI: To know how to write a thank you letter.

Write a letter thanking Dene Illingworth for the wood provided to allow us to make our bird boxes. Remember to use the school address in the right hand corner and begin your letter with Dear Mr Illingworth.


LI: To know how to stay protected against earthquakes.

Watch the Oak Academy lesson and complete the learning. Can you create a poster showing how cities stay as safe as they can during an earthquake?


Have a lovely half term!


Thursday 10th February 2022

Good morning! Please find the learning below for today.


LI: To know how to find equivalent fractions

Please watch the video below and complete the learning tasks.


Equivalent Fractions task (Recap for Year 5)



LI: To know how to analyse a poem.

Please watch the Oak academy lesson anf complete the tasks set about poetry.



LI: To know how to create a snowdrop using observational skills.

Look at the snowdrop pictures provided below and have a go at drawing them. Look at the detail carefully. If you have paints at home, have a go at painting them. If not, colouring pencils are fine. Use an A4 plain piece of paper.

Pictures of snowdrops




Wednesday 9th February 2022

Today's lessons are outlined on the power point.


Maths: Today's flashback can be found under Monday. 


Please complete the fraction wall and the worksheet.

Fraction wall



English: when you have looked at the power point and the videos, choose some of the conjunctions and use them to write sentences about something that interests you, or you could write about natural disasters and habitats.

Guided Reading: Have a think about rhyming words in the poem and comprehension below.



Have a good day!


Tuesday 8th February 2022

Good morning! Please find the learning attached below for today.


Complete Tuesday's Flashback. You can find this under Monday's date as I have uploaded the whole weeks worth for you. If you are Year 5, have a go at both Flashbacks.

LI: To know what tenths are as a fraction

Watch the video linked below, then complete the learning tasks. There is an extension today for Year 5 as the first part is a recap on previous learning.


Maths tasks    Extension follows on on Page 2 for Year 5



Choose the level of reading text and questions you feel comfortable answering but remember to not opt for the easiest task as this will not help you to make progress. Challenge yourself!

Benjamin Zephaniah Text and questions


Please find this weeks spelling lists below:

Year 4 spellings ch sounding like k

Year 5 spellings homophones


LI: To know how to create our own Sound Collector Poem

Today you are having a go at creating your own Sound Collector poem. Remember that lines 2 and 4 MUST rhyme.

Use the writing frames provided to help you. Choose the writing frame which helps you the most. Remember to challenge yourself though!

Sound Collector Writing Frames


LI: To know how to use observational skills when sketching.

Choose a bird from the pictures attached below. Have a go at sketching your chosen UK bird. Look at the details really closely and include them on your sketch. 

Bird pictures

Can you add colour using coloured pencils? Think about shading various parts of the bird to add effect.

Have a lovely day.


Monday 7th February 2022

Good morning! Please find the learning attached below for today.


Please find the flashbacks for the week below including the answers. Just look at or print out the relevant flashback for each day.


LI: To know what a fraction is. (Recap for Year 5)

Watch the video link attached below explaining all about what a fraction is. Then complete the learning task sheet.


Maths learning sheet   PAGE 1 ONLY



LI: To know who Benjamin Zaphaniah is.

Watch the Oak Academy lesson all about Benjamin Zephaniah and complete the tasks. He is our focus in Reading this week.


Can you find any other poems he has written? Do you like his poetry? Why?


LI: To know the dangers to animals posed by the environment.

Use the powerpoint attached which outlines the issues we have discussed in Science this term. Once you have gone through this, complete the sheets attached.

PPT Dangers faced by animals

Science sheets (2 pages) 

Have alovely day.


Friday 4th February 2022.

Good morning. Please find the day's learning below.


Remember the tournament battle on Times Tables Rock Stars. Can you be the one to make a difference?

Then complete the arithmetic sheet attached below.

LI: To know basic arithmetic skills

Arithmetic Test




LI: To know how to perform a poem effectively.

The Sound Collector Poem

Read the poem The Sound Collector again and again until you are really fluent with it.

Next, create some actions to go with the poem as you read it. Keep practising until your actions happen smoothly and without hesitation.

Now film your performance! Watch your performance and evaluate it. Could you have changed something? Which parts did you think were effective?

Send in your performance to the homework email. I would love to see it!! :)

More to follow....


Monday 24th January 2022


LI: To know how to divide a 2 digit number by a 1 digit number.

Today in Maths, we are learning to divide a 2 digit number by a 1 digit. If you are Year 5, then you should be able to use the bus stop method to calculate. 

Complete the flashback starter and the learning tasks attached.

Flashback starter

Division Lesson 1


LI: To know how to identify metaphors

Today we are learning what a metaphor is and how to identify them. We are also going to have a go at completing sentences with a metaphor and writing our own.

Watch the video below about metaphors.


Now complete the learning attached.

English learning task and answers

Please be aware that the answers are on Page 1 so quickly scroll past on to Page 2.


Please find attached your weekly spellings. Make sure you practise them for at least 15 minutes today.

Year 4 spellings

Year 5 spellings


LI: To know that environments change and how this poses a danger to animals.

Watch the video link for Newsround which is all about climate change. Make notes on what this means as you watch it.


Now create a poster explaining what climate change means and how we, as humans, can help put a stop to it.

What could you do at home to help the planet Earth?


Friday 21st January 2022


LI: To know how to mu;tiply 3 digit nu,bers by a 2 digit number.

Year 5 - Please roll a dice and create multiplication calculations which are 3 digit numbers by 2 digit. You should do at least 10. Complete the flashback starter too.


ENGLISH - Big Write

LI: To know how to survive an earthquake and a tsunami 

Research safety rules online to what you should do if you experience an earthquake and a tsunami.  Make notes.

Now write and create a survival guide including pictures with the Title:

How To Survive An Earthquake and a Tsunami 

This should be a doublepage spread with information, top tips section and illustrations.

Stay well!





Thursday 20th January 2022


LI: To know how to multiply a 3-digit number ny 2-digit.

Today we started to learn how to use the short method to multiply a 3 digit number by a 2 digit. Please watch the video link below and complete the learning set.


Flashback starters

Maths learning tasks


LI: To know how to write a newspaper report

Over the weekend, a terrible earthquake and tsunami affected Tonga in New Zealand. Research some facts and make notes. Then create a newspaper report using the features you have been taught:



Orientation - 5Ws - When? Where? What? Who? Why?

Main body of text


Re-rientation - what the update is and what is happening now.

You can design your own template and remember that you are writing a report and NOT a story.


Friday 14th January 2022


LI: To know how to multiply a 2-digit number by 1-digit.

Today you are consolidating how to multiply using the expanded or efficient method. Go through the powerpoint attached below and then comolete the learning.

Multiplying PPT

Multiplying learning tasks sheet



Please read the story starter below....

We quickly scampered up the stairs and looked for a hiding place....

Now complete the story yourself. Remember to use basic punctuation as well as exciting adjectives, expanded noun phrases and fronted adverbials. Be as imaginative as you can! 


LI: To know what tectonic plates are and where they are located.

Complete the sheet attached below. Use an atlas or online maps to help you to find the names of the tectnic plates and where they are located.

How are tectonic plates linked to earthquakes?

Tectonic plates ppt

Geography sheet

Have a lovely day...


Thursday 13th January 2022


LI: To know how to multiply a 2 digit by 1 digit.

Have a look at the video below on how to mu;tiply a 2 digit number by 1 digit. It is what we have been learning to do in class the last couple of days.


Once you have watched the video, roll a dice to generate your numbers and complete the calculations. Complete 10 calculations at least. 

Your calculations could be 45 x 3 = or 56 x 4 =


Read the text extract below and answer the questions set.

Earthquakes text

Earthquakes questions


LI: To know how to apply pwerful vocabulary to describe a volacanic eruption.

Watch the  the volcanic eruption in Pompeii through watching an animation about the day using the link below.


Newspaper articles often exaggerate events. Why do you think that they do this?

Choose some amazing adjectives related to the Pompeii eruption and record them.  Use a thesaurus to help you.

Exaggerate the language used e.g. ‘a blazing inferno’. A gushing torrent of lava’. Write a couple of paragraphs describing the volcanic eruption.


Wednesday 12th January2022


LI: To know how to multiply a 2-digit number by a 1-digit number

We revisited our learning from yesterday. Please use the video from yesterday, if you can't remember. Then practice using the sheets below.

Multiplying 5

Multiplying 6


Guided Reading

Read the text and answer the questions.

Mount St. Helens


LI:To know how to use speech punctuation

Unscramble this sentence: 

done ! "" . Well Mrs said Peach

How did you know what to put where?

Remember: put speech marks around the words that are spoken;

always include punctuation inside the speech marks , ! ? or .

and, if your reporting clause comes before the speech, add a comma. For example : Jack cried,"Where is my teddy?" Then complete the sheet below.

Punctuating Speech

 Have a good day! 

Tuesday 11th January 2022


LI: To know how to multiply a 2-digit number by a 1-digit number.

Today we have learnt how to multiply using the expanded method. Watch the video below and then complete the learning set.

Multiplying 2 digit by 1 digit video - https://vimeo.com/492463370

Maths learning task sheet



LI: To know how to devise an effective headline.

Please look at the ppt below first and read each slide carefully.

Headline PPT

Now complete the sheet provided.

Headline learning task


Remember to read for at least 15 minutes with an adult please.


LI: To know about the baptism of Jesus.

Watch the video of the baptism of Jesus and then answer the questions provided.

Video link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oGMCA_aUY4c

R.E questions - baptism of Jesus

Have a lovely day.


Thursday 16th December 2021

If you are absent this week, please find a Christmas activity booklet for English and Maths to complete at home. You can spread this out over today and tomorrow.

Year 4 English activity Booklet


Year 5 English Activity Booklet


Christmas Maths Code Breaker

As we are building our Victorian homes this week, you could have a go at building your 3D furniture out of cardboard, ready to complete your rooms when you come back. They look amazing!

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Stay safe and well...

Kind regards

Mrs Davison


Friday 26th November 2021


LI: To know how to divide by 1 and itself.

Watch the video link below and learn all about dividing by 1 and itself.



Dividing by 1 and itself sheet



Choose any book to read. Ask an adult to make you a lovely hot chocolate. Relax and read a book. What will you choose?


BIG WRITE - LI: To know how to apply the use of adjectives to describe a Victorian Street.

Using the word bank you generated yesterday and the picture I attached, write a description and apply these adjectives in to your description. This is a setting description of a Victorian Street. What do you think you might have heard? Smelt? Saw? Remember to use your senses to describe it in detail. 

Can you use expanded noun phrases? Fronted adverbials followed by a comma? 

Try to imagine yourself standing there in that very street. Your writing should help a reader to really feel what it was like.


LI: To know how to use a range of cardboard joins.

Look at the picture below with different kinds of joins. Using a cereal box and kitchen roll tubes, have a go at creating each join. Which is the best join to use? Which is the easiest to make?

Create a task board with your different joins similar to the one in the picture. These joins are going to be usd in our final project at the end of term.

Have a lovely weekend!


Thursday 25th November 2021


Please complete the flashback and the 3 x table questions attcahed below.

Flashback and answers. 

3 x table focus sheet


LI: To know how to use inference skills.

Being able to infer is like being a detective. You need to use the clues in an image or when you read a book and 'read between the lines.'

Look at the pictures of Oliver Twist. What can you infer about Oliver? Record your ideas around the pictures. There are two copies of the same thing on one sheet as it was used to photocopy. :)

Oliver Twist inference sheet


LI: To know how to choose appropriate adjectives to describe a Victorian Street.

Look at the image attached below. Create a word bank of adjectives you could use to describe the Victorian street. Use a thesaurus to find powerful synonyms. Choose the best adjectives to add to your word bank. 

Victorian street image

These adjectives will be needed for your Big Write tomorrow morning.

Happy adjective hunting!


LI: To know how to use information to create a newspaper report.

Login to Purple Mash. Look at 'After the Storm' scenario 1 and 2 which you looked at last week. Collect relevant information and make notes.

Use the 2Do Newspaper Template which has been sent to you on Purple Mash and complete a newspaper report based on your information you have collected.


Wednesday 24th November 2021


LI: To know how to multiply by 1 and 0.

Please watch the video link below and then answer the questions about multiplying by 0 and 1.


Multiplying by 0 and 1



Please read the text about Victorian Transport and answer the VIPER questions.

Victorian Transport Text



LI: To know how to identify adjectives and apply them.

Use the link below to have a go at adjectives first.

Next, look at a picture of a Victorian Street and think of adjectives for each senses column.

Adjectives sheet


LI: To know that mental well-being is a part of daily life for everyone.

Have a discussion with an adult about what makes you feel better or what you enjoy doing. Choose your Top Well-Being Wonder.

Explain why this activity make you feel better by creating an activity card with instructions. Write the instructions step by step so someone else can follow them correctly. Remember to draw pictures to to present your work beautifully and make it look enticing (interesting to look at and read).


Tuesday 23rd November 2021.


LI: To know how to divide by 100.

Today the children learnt how to divide numbers by 100 by sliding each digit two spaces to the right on a place value grid. Please watch the video link below and complete the maths questions.

Aut4.10.4 - Divide by 100 on Vimeo

Year 4 Dividing by 100.

Year 4 answers


LI: To know how to detect visual and aural clues from a film clip.

Start watching the film clip of the film Oliver Twist from 1948 from 1 minute 50 secs to about 4 minutes.

Listen to the film clip without looking at the images. Record everything you hear. Now watch the same part of the clip without the sound. What do you see? Record your ideas.


The film clip is showing you Oliver Twist's mother on her way to the workhouse. Think about how the horrible weather adds to the tension.

Now use the picture attached of a scary wood. Write a decription of the wood using vocabulary which will make you shiver in fear!

I have attached a word mat to support your writing.

Scary wood picture

Word mat to help build suspense

An example could be:

It was a chilly, damp and windy night. The mud lay thick upon the stones and a black mist hung over the streets; the rain fell sluggishly down. Everything felt cold and clammy to the touch.


LI: To know about the first two Pillars of Islam Shahada and Salah.

Cut out two pillars from the sheet attached below.

Pillars of Islam sheet

Research what the first TWO Pillars are only today. I would like you to really concentrate on the WUDHU washing ritual which must take place before prayer.

Create an instruction poster to explain the WUDHU washing ritual using both pictures and sentences.

Have a lovely day!


Friday 5th November 2021


LI:To know how to subtract two 4 digit numbers with more than one exchange. (Year 4)

Roll a dice and generate two 4-digit numbers. Set the numbers out in a column method, ensuringthe largest number is at the top. Subtract the two numbers and exchange where needed.

Complete 10 calculations.

LI: To know how to use the inverse operations to check answers. (Year 5)

Consolidating from yesterday. Roll a dice and generate two 5-digit numbers. Set the numbers out in a column method, ensuring the largest number is at the top. Subtract the two numbers and exchange where needed.

Use the EWC method - Estimate your answer first. Work the calculation out (Solve it). UsE the inverse operation to check your answer. How can you use addition to check you have subtracted correctly.

Complete 8 calculations with the inverse calculation also.


Read a book of your choice with a lovely hot chocolate. Relax and enjoy!


LI: To know how to create a haiku poem.

Use the vocabulary you generated yesterday about Autumn. Draft a haiku poem remembering to follow the 5, 7, 5 syllable pattern. A haiku has 3 lines only. Publish your poem using ICT and then illustrate it.

You could also have a go at creating a haiku about Bonfire Night and fireworks! Year 5, could you add some onomatopeia?


LI: To know how to design and draw a poppy for Remembrance.

Look at a range of poppy pictures and decide which ones you like and why. Carve your page in to 4 parts with a ruler and pencil like we do in class. Try sketching a few examples you have seen first.

Now apply your research into designing your own poppy picture. Are you going to use pencil crayons? Paint? Other materials?

Take a photo of your completed poppy, ready to show me next week.

Have a lovely weekend! Stay well.


Thursday 4th November 2021


LI: To know how to subtract two 4-digit numbers with one exchange (Year 4)

Year 4 video link https://vimeo.com/459320389

Year 4 learning task

LI: To know how to use the inverse operation to check our answers.

Year 5 video - https://vimeo.com/461352921

Year 5 learning task

Year 5 answers


LI: To know how to generate vocabulary to describe Autumn.

On a piece of paper or in a book, write the word AUTUMN in the centre in a bubble. Think of as many words as you can when you think of the Autumn season. Do you think of hedgehogs? Dy leaves? Record your words around the mind map.

Use a thesurus to up-level your vocabulary. Can you improve ypur word choices. These words will be needed for tomorrow's poetry writing. Illustrtae your mind map.


Log on to Purple Mash. I have set a 2Do for you to complete as part of your Computing lesson.


Wednesday 3rd November 2021


LI: To know basic arithmetic strategies.

Please find below the aritnmetic tasks to be completed today.

Year 4 Arithmetic

Year 5 Arithmetic

Please check this through with your child and discuss any strategies which may be helpful on the questions that are incorrect when marked.

Guided Reading

Please read the text provided below and then answer the Viper questions.

Reading Text - Trains



LI: To know apostrophes for possession.

Please complete the task on apostrophes below.

Video link -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zNFPnVz7JB4

Apostrophes task


Look at the photographs provided.

LI: To know an increasing range of emotions, both comfortable and uncomfortable.

  • Look at emotion photos  and sort into continuum comfortable to uncomfortable. List the emotions you can see.
  • How might each of the people speak?
  • Choose an emotion – what might cause it, different levels, different people might experience it differently.
  • Create a poster showing 4 different emotions and how we can deal with them properly.


Tuesday 2nd November 2021


Year 4 are subtracting two 4-digit numbers without exchange.

Year 4 video - https://vimeo.com/463005479

Year 4 learning task

Year 4 answers

Year 5 are learning how to use rounding to approximate answers.

Year 5 video - https://vimeo.com/461352146

Year 5 learning task

Year 5 answers


LI: To know what a haiku poem is and its features.

Look at the examples of the haikus provided. Complete the features sheet using one of the examples.

Haiku examples

Haiku features sheet

R.E - Introduction to Islam.

Complete the questions provided about the Islamic faith by using research online. What can you find out?

Sheet Islam

Write your answers in full sentences.

Useful video link - https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zpdtsbk/articles/zrxxgwx


Friday 1st October 2021

Good morning!


LI: To know Roman Numerals.

Today we are learning how to read a range of Roman numerals for both year groups, although Year 5 have to know a lot more of them!

Please find the learning tasks below for today's lesson:

Year 4 video link - https://vimeo.com/460274137

Year 4 Roman numerals

Year 4 Answers

Year 5 video link - https://vimeo.com/457420876

Year 5 Roman numerals

Year 5 Answers



Our Big Write today is based on our Core value of Friendship. Follow the instructions on the sheet below. Remember to apply the use of speech during your Big Write.

Friendship Big Write



Have a go at describing someone's clothes in French!



SPELLINGS for next week.

Year 4 sc words

Year 5 Common Exception Words

Have a lovely weekend! See you all soon.


Thursday 30th September 2021/

Good morning!


Today in Maths, we have consolidate our work on negative numbers. Have a go at the learning tasks below.

LI: To know negative numbers.

Year 4 negative numbers.

Year 5 negative numbers

Answers can be found after the tasks.


LI: To know how to apply ambitious vocabulary when describing the Workhouse.

To help your understanding of what the Workhouse was like in Victorian times, watch the video taken from the musical Oliver. The link is below:


While watching the clip, make notes about what you notice about the Workhouse. Think of ambitious vocabulary to describe it. If you have a thesaurus at home, this would be good to use today.

Write a description of a Victorian Workhouse. Really focus on choosing exciting adjectives. You may choose to draw your own picture of a Workshouse after your writing.


LI: To know how to replicate a William Morris pattern.

Have a look at the selection of patterns on the sheet attached. Choose one and fill in the missing spaces to complete the pattern using coloured pencils. Enjoy!

William Morris Missing Patterns

Have a lovely day. See you soon!


Wednesday 29th September 2021

Good Morning!


Today we are thinking about negative numbers. Start by looking at the power point below.

Negative numbers  ppt

Y4 and Hexagons

Y4 and Hexagons answers


Y5 answers


Guided Reading text


We are having another look at punctuating speech. See the power point below.

Punctuating Speech ppt

Hexagons and Edges   Turn these speech bubbles into punctuated direct speech.

Cones  Write this conversation with the correct punctuation. Remember: new speaker, new line.

 Y5 Write this as a converstaion. Choose only one line of speech from each bubble, which is the most appropriate for speech. Remember: new speaker, new line.

Extension: Hexagons and Edges - say a sentence then write it with the correct punctuation and reporting clause.

Everyone else - Write a correctly punctuated conversation with reporting clauses.


In gymnastics we are looking at creating a sequence using a roll, a spin and a turn, incorporating a change of direction and changes in height.


Today we are looking at plagiarism and why we should avoid it. Read through the power point.

Power Point

Now look at   


and write a paragraph about victorian school. Be careful to include information about where your facts come from.

Have a good day!


Tuesday 28th September 2021

Good morning!

Please find an outline of learning for today.


Childen are continuing to round numbers today. Year 4 are rounding to the nearest 1000. Draw a num ber line to help you decide what the multiples should be on either end.

Year 5 are also rounding a six digit number to the nearest 10, 100, 1000, 10,000 and 100, 000.

Year 4- Roll a dice to generate a 4 digit number. Then round this number to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000. Record your answers.

Year 5 - Roll a dice to generate a six digit number. Then round this number to the nearest 10, 100, 1000, 10,000 and 100,000. Have you found any occasions where rounding to the nearest 10 and 100 gives you the same answer?


LI: To know how to infer.

Read the short text extract and answet the questions underneath it.

Text and questions


LI: To know how to apply the use of dialogue.

Today we are learning how to apply punctuation which we use when a character is speaking.

Remember to use:  , " CL  ,  .  !  ?  "

Complete the sheet attached below to punctuate the speech.

Inverted commas ppt

Twits dialogue sheet


LI: To know who Brahman is.

Today we are learning about Brahman, the supreme God in the Hindu faith.

Complete the sheet below

Brahman sheet

Have a lovely day! We miss you!


Monday 27th September 2021

Good morning!

Please find the learning tasks for Maths below. Today, Year 4 have been ordering numbers in ascending and descending order.

Year 4 video link - https://vimeo.com/457785786

Year 4 ordering numbers

Year 4 answers

Year 5 have been learning consolidating how to round numbers to the nearest million.

Year 5 rounding sheet


LI: To know how to write a persuasive note to a character.

Should Jim leave the Workshouse? This is the question you need to think about and choose whether Jim should stay or leave.

Use the sentence stems, I think Jim should stay/go because....

In addition to this....

I also think that.....

Write a paragraph explaining your reasons. Do you think a workhouse was a very nice place to be? Children would be beaten if they were caught...

Would you stay or go?

Research what life would have been like in a Victorian workhouse to help you. I have pasted a video link to start you off below:



LI: To know how our ears work.


Watch the video to learn about how our ears work. Use the sheet attached below to explain how our ears work.

Label the diagram with the correct scientific vocabulary.

How our ears work sheet and answers


Friday 24th September 2021

 Please find an outline of today's learning below:


 Get comfortable, have a hot chocolate and...

 Choose your favourite book. Share this with an adult and read a chapter (or more). Discuss the characters (or facts if non-fiction) and enjoy!


Today for Year 4 the children are learning how to order numbers. Please find the tasks below:

LI: To know how to order numbers.

Year 4 video - https://vimeo.com/460142284

Year 4 tasks

Year 4 answers

 In Year 5, the children are rounding numbers to the nearest million.

 LI: To know how to round numbers to the nearest million.

 Year 5 video - https://vimeo.com/456943660

Year 5 tasks

Year 5 answers


 LI: To know how to describe a character using fronted adverbials.

Write a character description of what you imagine Jim Jarvis to look like. Use what you know about him already to help you.

Remember to use a couple of examples of fronted adverbials to begin your sentences.

When you have finished you could draw or paint a picture of Jim to go with your writing. If you can send it in to becoem part of our display in class! :)


Read the short text Kidnapped and answer the questions provided.

 Kidnapped Text

 Kidnapped Questions


Using a ball, can you make up your own game where the ball has to stay on the ground at all times? How do you earn points? How do you win the game? Can you teach an adult how to play your game? Plan it out on a piece of paper. What are the rules? What is the name of your game? How many players?

 Try to make it as inetersting as you can.

 Have a lovely weekend Oak class!


Thursday 23rd September 2021

Apologies for the slight delay but technology was not in a working frame of mind!

Please find an otline of today's learning below.


LI: To know how to compare and order numbers.

Both year groups looked at comparing and ordering numbers using the symbols greater than, less than and equals (<> =). Please find the tasks below.

Year 4 video - https://vimeo.com/457429670

Year 4 comparing numbers

Year 4 answers

Year 5 video - https://vimeo.com/456943152

Year 5 comparing numbers to a million

Year 5 answers


LI: To know how to debate a question.

In English today we did a drama exercise called conscience alley. I gave the children a question:

Should Jim Jarvis have escaped the Workhouse or should he have stayed?

The children developed arguments for and against and tried to persuade each other that Jim should either stay or go.

Write a persuasive argument to convince your parents whether Jim should have stayed or left the Workshouse. EXPLAIN your reasoning starting with the stem sentence:

I think Jim should have stayed/left because......

Try to write as many reasons as you can. I can't wait to read them!


LI: To know how to join our spellings efficiently.

Practise your spellings as neatly as you can.


Have a go at this lesson from Oak National Academy below based on melodies.



LI: To know William Morris designs.

Choose your favourite William Morris design from the internet. Choose a section of one design. Have a go at recreating the pattern.

Why have you chosen that particular pattern. Can you explain?

See you all very soon! Look after yourselves. Take care.


Wednesday 22nd September 2021


See the Powerpoint below for details of what we are doing.


Y4  and Hexagons work

Y4 and Hexagons Answers

Y5 Work

Y5 Answers


Guided Reading

What a stink!


LI: To know what a fronted adverbial is

Think about what an adverb is - a word that describes a verb eg slowly. Now think about an adverbial - a phrase or clause ( a group of words) - which tell you more about a verb eg He ran under the trees. The bell rang at 5 o'clock. A fronted adverbial means that the adverbial is at the beginning of the sentence eg After school, the children went to the park. Remember to put a comma after a fronted adverbial.

Y4 and Hexagons



LI: to know about malware

Log on to Purplemash. Look at the Malware ToDo. Then look at the powerpoint below. 

Malware Powerpoint

Finally, open the Internet Safety  Top Tips To Do and create aTop tips comic about what you have learned so far.


Tuesday 21st September 2021


Year 4 - LI: To know how to find 1, 10 and 100 more or less than a number. (Recap).

Children are to use their knowledge of place value to solve the various calculations. Please find the challenges below.

Year 4 maths sheet

Year 5 - LI: To know numbers to a million. (Consolidation from yesterday).

Year 5 ppt - Numbers to a Million

Year 5 sheet - The sheets are set out to chop them in half in class. Just complete one half of each. :)

Year 5 answers


LI: To know how to write a character description of Mr Spinks.

Write a character description of the man who evicted Jim Jarvis and his family from his room.

Think about how he was dressed.

Think about his personality. Was he a kind character?

Think about how he would feel evicting Jim. Would he care?

Draw a picture of how you imagine Mr Spinks to look.


Queen Victorias's early life comprehension and questions.




Monday 20th September 2021


LI: To know numbers to a million.

Numbers to a million sheet



LI: To know how to respond to a text

Visualise your own image of what you think Jim's room looked like before Mr Spinks evicted him and his family. Draw your image on a piece of paper and colour it in too. Think about the hearth, the flames, the dirty bed rags and the stairs. Does the room have a window? Are the walls crumbling? 


Practise your spellings for 20 minutes on a piece of paper.


LI: To know how sound travels.

Can you complete any of these investigations at home below?

1) Make a string telephone using two paper cups and some wool or string. What do you notice if the string is taut or slack?

2) Place your ear in a bowl of tepid water. What can you hear? 

3) Research whether sound travels in solids, liquids and gases. What about in space? Why?

Present your findings in your own way. Have fun!


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