Seedlings after a few days in the poly tunnel. 

Willow Class outside our new poly tunnel. We have placed our cauliflowers inside, it is extremely hot and humid, they have grown quite rapidly. 

Luckily we have had a 100% success rate with our seed germination, it must have been due to us placing the seeds in a propagator. The seeds are rather tall and spindly in appearance, so this week we intend to place them in our polytunnel and water.

Week 3

We are now in week three and feeling rather smug in Willow. The plants have been brought in from outside due to the rather windy weather conditions. The tallest cauliflower plant is 9cm in height.  

Week 7

We have taken the very brave decision to plant our Caulflower seedlings in the school garden; we may regret our decision. Here we are constructing a cold frame, this is the second attempt, with instructions. 

Our cauliflowers have survived the winter! We took advantage of the spring weather and weeded our plot. Some daffodil bulbs were also planted last November and they have sprouted. 


Apple Class Cauliflowers

Our cauliflowers look a little bit sad, so we are hoping for some sunshine to help us!

Oak Class Cauliflowers

Our Cauliflowers are looking windswept but healthy.

We left our Cauliflowers outside to to get some air and rain water for a natural growth during the school day.


 The water butt was empty unfortunately.

Palm Class Cauliflowers

Our cauliflowers have started slowly. 

Week 2

Week 4

We are now starting to grow another set of leaves.  We are hoping for some sunshine to help them grow stronger.