Topic Days, Events and Community Visits


Flower Festival Visit - Apple Class

Shrove Tuesday


Flower Festival Visit

Church Schools Festival - Lincoln Cathedral


Christingle work with the Church 4.12.2015

Art Topic Day - Church Flower Festival 11.4.2016

Apple and Palm Trinity Topic Day 5.9.2016


Church Services 


Reception Welcome Service


Whole School Carol Concert

Remembrance Service 2017

Harvest Festival Celebration

Reception Welcome Service


Carol Concert 9.12.2015

Reception Welcome Service 22.9.16

KS1 Harvest Festival 29.9.16

KS2 Harvest Festival 29.9.16




Our Collective Worship Council    

This is our Collective Worship Council who meet a number of times each term with Miss Cannon. It is their role to try and make Collective Worship fun, inspiring and spiritual for us all!  They also play an active part in organising and delivering Collective Worship once each term alongside monitoring and evaluating the impact that Collective Worship has on our school community.

St Bartholomew's, A Church School

As we grow together, all part of St Bartholomew's School family, it is hoped that our six Christian Values of Friendship, Love, Trust, Forgiveness, Hope, Tolerance and Acceptance become embedded in our everyday lives and into our personalities.
These core values are right at the heart of who we are, driving what we do and how we do it. They help us all, child, school, adult, family member and our wider community to understand, reflect upon and think deeply about living a the 'best life' we can with peace and love in our hearts developing our Christian understanding of being part of the Kingdom of God now and forever.