Our target attendance is 100%.  As at Friday 12th July 2024 our attendance Year to Date is 94.63%

Our Curriculum Intent

At St Bartholomew’s we provide a gate way of discovery through our diverse curriculum and nurture global disciples who positively impact God’s gift to us – the world.


Our curriculum enables our learners to recognise their place in the wider world by enabling them to understand their place in West Pinchbeck; the importance and value of where they live. It aims to develop agents of change who are taught to protect the environment, solve problems to ensure society is a better place and take responsibility for their actions to make the future a somewhere far improved from where it is. There is clear focus on developing a rich vocabulary through a text centred approach and providing learners with the opportunity to independently gain powerful knowledge to ensure their future success. 


Through boundless forgiveness, compassion and a safe learning environment our children can Let their Light Shine (Matthew 5:16). We learn to love responsibly by developing the skills and knowledge needed under God’s spiritual counsel, bringing light to all those around us. We are beacons of hope for our communities guided by God’s spirit and love. 


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Our approach to the curriculum is “Know more, remember more”. We ensure that our curriculum is accessible for all and full of engaging learning activities that enable the children to see the value and point in their learning. Our vision is to equip our children with the knowledge and understanding of their place in their community, how they can make a difference to the world around them and be active disciples of change. We encourage our children to shine their light through all curriculum areas. Using granular knowledge, that is carefully mapped out across all subjects we monitor our children’s progress and understanding. Our vision has been woven throughout the curriculum with a strong focus on diversity and acceptance.

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EYFS Curriculum Map

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