Our School Motto:

"Let your light shine"

Matthew 5: 15

Let your child’s light shine in an incredible learning environment tailored to the understanding and diverse needs of each child.

Our Vision

At St Bartholomew’s we provide a gate way of discovery through our diverse curriculum and nurture global disciples who positively impact God’s gift to us – the world.  Our curriculum enables our learners to recognise their place in Pinchbeck West; the importance and value of where they live.  It aims to develop agents of change who are taught to protect the environment, solve problems to ensure society is a better place and take responsibility for their actions to make the future a somewhere far improved from where it is.  There is a clear focus on developing a rich vocabulary through a text centred approach and providing learners with the opportunity to independently gain powerful knowledge to ensure their future success.  Through boundless forgiveness, compassion and a safe learning environment our children can Let their Light Shine (Matthew 5:16).  We learn to love responsibly by developing the skills and knowledge needed under God’s spiritual counsel, bringing light to all those around us.  We are beacons of hope an our communities guided by God’s spirit and love.


Our Mission

At St Bartholomew’s we encourage each other to achieve our full potential within our nurturing community.


Every person is guided to fulfil their hopes and aspirations, enabling them to reach their full potential. We place no ceiling on expectations. Our growth mind-set helps us to accept where we are, understand barriers and with hope and faith overcome and succeed.


We give our children exceptional experiences, everlasting knowledge and equip them with the skills needed to make good judgements for the greater good, guided by God’s patience and love.


We radiate belief which generates self-worth in all who come through our doors. Everyone is reminded daily of their worth and significance in our community.

Pupil Premium

Our pupil premium strategy is baed on effective use of funding as outlined in the EEF ‘using your pupil premium funding effectively ‘ guidance.

Ofsted & Performance Data

Our October 2018 OFSTED Inspection viewed us as a GOOD school with “consistently high expectations of pupils’ work and their attitudes to learning”.  October 2016 SIAMS report pronounced that our “strong spirt of teamwork promotes achievement for all, resulting in an inclusive and mutually supportive environment in which all learners thrive”.

Additional Information