Our target attendance is 100%.  As at Friday 21st June 2024 our attendance Year to Date is 94.64%

Willow Class - Year 6

Willow Class – Year 6

Mrs Davison – Class Teacher

Mrs Peach – Class Teacher

Miss Illingworth – HLTA


Welcome to Willow Class, a class that prides itself on resilience as our children reach near the end of their learning journey within our school. The children will enjoy experiences that are rewarding and challenging so that everyone can let their light shine. The teaching and learning in our most senior classroom will help to ensure that the children are supported to develop confidence and independence in preparation for the next chapter of their lives. Through the delivery of our creative curriculum the children are offered a range of learning opportunities in which they can apply and extend their knowledge. It will certainly be a year they won’t forget! As well as supporting children to reach their academic potential, they are also given many additional responsibilities around the school to help ensure the children are ready for their transition to secondary school. In the final term we will explore many themes to aid their confidence heading to a new school. The children will be expected to work hard, but in return, they will be rewarded with many happy memories, lasting friendships, and an increased confidence to take on their next adventure.

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Willow Class

Term 5 2023-24

Term 4 2023-24













Our topic this term is Evolution and Inheritance.

Term 3 2023-24


Our working walls.



Weekly attendance winners in the park.

Term 2 2023-24

Willow Class visited Spalding Baptist Church for ‘Christmas Unwrapped’.

Willow Class used hot wax to create their Batik designs.  

Term 1 2023-24