Our target attendance is 100%.  As at Friday 17th May 2024 our attendance Year to Date is 94.96%

Palm Class - Year 2 / 3

Palm Class Staff: 

Miss Ingle – Class Teacher 

Mrs Amatt – 1:1 Teaching Assistant


Palm Class is an exciting, dynamic and inclusive Year 2/3 class, that puts every child at its heart, taking them on a journey from the Stone Age, through the streets of London to Pudding Lane, then onto battle with the Romans and towards the fiery mouth of a volcano.


We foster independence through a practical and engaging curriculum that strives to forge a love of learning for life.

Children in Palm class enjoy a variety of exciting and interactive lessons, which are presented through a range of media. Their ICT skllls are promoted by regular opportunities to use the school’s laptop computers.

With direct access to the outside area, children in Palm class are offered a chance to experience learning through our environment. Palm class is adjacent to our developing allotment area, so children in the children will be watching our garden grow! 

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Palm classroom

Term 5 2023-24

Term 4 2023-24

Term 3 2023-24


As highest attendance winners of the week, Palm Class were rewarded with a playtime in the park with Gerald the Giraffe.

Term 2 2023-24

Term 1 2023-24