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Below are some key statistics from Ofcom, 2020, to highlight why it is so important to effectively educate children about e-safety from a young age.

1 %
Have there own tablet

Have their own tablet

1 %
3-4 year olds

Play video games online

1 %
5-7 year olds

have their own social media profile

1 %
Have there own tablet

Play games online

1 %
8-11 year olds

 have their own social media profile

1 %
8-11 year olds

watch YouTube for 10+ hours a week 

Online safety is a vital part of keeping children safe at St Bartholomew’s Primary School.

We strongly encourage sensible use of digital and online technologies as they open up huge possibilities for learning for all of our children. Children can use the internet to research new information, as well as connecting to people they know. We want our children to enjoy the benefits of the internet but at the same time we believe they must be made aware of the potential dangers involved in this ever changing digital world.

We teach e-safety in school so that our children know how to behave online and feel safe and confident using the internet. Children today are part of a digital world and often use a wide range of devices, both inside and outside of school. When technology is used correctly, it can be a fantastic learning tool but children need to have a secure understanding of the rules and expectations regarding e-safety.

As part of your child’s curriculum, we provide access to the internet during teacher supervised lessons. We believe that the use of the internet is hugely worthwhile and an essential tool for children as they grow up in the modern world. We understand there are always concerns about children having access to undesirable materials, which is why our school internet provider operates a filtering system that restricts access to inappropriate materials, keeping our children safe at all times.

Risks your child may face online

The ‘thinkuknow’ website has lots of information about the online risks your child may encounter. Clicking on the links below will take you to information regarding topics such as: online bullying, grooming, inappropriate websites, viruses, hacking and security plus many more topics.

A Date with Dan

Thank you to the parents who attended the ‘Date with Dan’ Q and A session. Throughout the session, the speakers mentioned a few places where you can access guides to help you keep your children safe at home.

Parental control guides for consoles, home broadband, entertainment apps and more.

Thinkuknow. A website with more information about grooming, how to talk to children about online risk and how to manage their safety online.

A video about managing group chats for primary age students

A video about indecent image sharing (Sexting) for teens

A video on gaming for primary age students

LSCP YouTube Channel. Has a number of videos for parents, carers and professionals on subjects such as grooming, sexting, parental controls and more.

Online Gaming Safety Posters

Online bullying

Parent’s guide to Online Safety Session ran by Dan Hawbrook (Lincs e-safety officer)

Dan Hawbrook spoke to parents around online safety and keeping their children safe. The session can be found on the link below. Dan looks at the positive and negative sides of the internet. He explores popular apps – looking at what they are and how to keep your children safe on them. He offers techniques used in grooming, sending nudes and details agencies that can offer support and help. It is worth a watch for all parents. 

Drugs & Alcohol Misuse Strategy(Parents - have your say) 25th April 2023